Download walks to your GPS and lead walks - its as simple as that!!!

How do I chose my walk?

The Walks directory lists walks in a table form, initially sorted by Walk Number. 

You can click on Filter to select walks from various places at once. 

 The table can be sorted alphabetically by clicking in the 'Start Location & View Map' header row.

 The table can be sorted by distance by clicking in the 'Miles' header row.

 View the map and track of your walk by clicking at the Start Location name of your walk within the table.

How do I print my map?

First you display the map and track by clicking on the name of the start location within the table.

For IE click on File, Print Preview, select Landscape and print your map.

For Chrome right click on the image, select print. Sometimes the track is not displayed, but when you actually print, the track appears! Wow computers...

By pressing F11 and then Print Screen the whole image is captured and can then be printed with other image software.

How do I transfer the .gpx track from the website to my GPS?

The GPS track is stored as a .gpx file

To transfer this file from the website to your GPS it takes 2 steps: 

  • Download  and save the .gpx file to your computer
  • Export the .GPx file from your computer to your GPS

Download and save the .gpx file to your computer

To download the .GPx track to your computer right click on the 'Download Track'.


 and select:  

  • Save Target As in Internet Explorer
  • Save Link As in Firefox
  • Save link as in Chrome 


In some browsers the file is not saved with a .gpx extension and is saved as a .XML file. To fix this make sure you type .gpx after the file name and then click 'save'. This ensures the file has a .gpx extension! 


Export the .gpx file to your GPS

Connect your GPS device to your computer.Run a GPS transfer programme such as easyGPS or BaseCamp.


 Click on the GPS tab and select send to GPS. The track will be transferred to your GPS and you are now ready to use your GPS to navigate around your selected walk.

Other information

  • Some times your GPS is not capable of accepting .gpx files with large number of way points. You can use programmes such as GPS TrackMaker to reduce the size of the .gpx file.
  • You can view your .gpx track using Google Earth with the satellite view.